Call time by reference

i noticed that allow_call_time_pass_reference is turned off in my site php settings. I have tried to create a php.ini file to turn this on but seems that this is not working. Is there any way to turn all_time_pass_reference
on in my php settings, or is this something that must be done some other way?

my php.ini code
allow_call_time_pass_reference = On
and was placed in my root of my site

Using a custom php.ini is documented here:

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ah i see,
what login do i use for the shell login, neither my dreamhost login or ftp login will work

That is a Good Thing™. The method is deprecated, so you are better off writing your PHP to take this into account, rather than trying to bend PHP to work with the old way of doing it.

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right, i understand but the forum that i am trying to use will not work unless this is turned on… hopefully future versions will have a way around this.

You can use the username/password of any valid FTP user to log-in via SSH, but first you will need to enable shell access for that particular user at Users -> Manage Users -> Edit.


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thanks that worked, everything is how i want it now… thanks for the help guys