Is it possible to include the calendar as a viewable element on my home page?


Me again. Help, help, help. I’m a rank amateur so please forgive if I ask idiotic questions. I’m beyond frustrated. I need either the entire calendar, or events from the calendar, to be visible on my index page. Is this possible? If so, how?
Thanks in advance for the help.



What “Calendar” are you referring too when you ask this question?



The web calendar available in the DH One-Click installs.


Aha! The easiest way I would recommend “embedding” WebCalendar information in your “home pages” would be to use any of the (numerous) RSS importers available on the web to just display your calendar’s RSS feed. :wink: .

You might look at Feed2JS, for a start



Thanks! You’ve got to know that of course I don’t know how to use an rss feed to embed content. Want to point me in the right direction?
With much gratitude.


Well, I’ll try, but it is likely to be something you might find difficult if you have never worked with RSS before.

  1. The first problem (and a potential "deal-breaker) is, that after reviewing the DH “one-click” installation of WebCalendar, you must be running WebCalendar 1.1 or higher to use the “built-in” RSS feed generating capabilities of Web Calendar. The DH “one-click” installer currently installs/upgrades to only version 1.05 - so you will have to “manually” upgrade your WebCalendar to version 1.1+. Instructions for this are available via the documentation available at []the WebCalendar website.

  2. Once this is done, you will need to use the admin -> Settings tool in the WebCalendar back-end to "enable public subscriptions so that the RSS feed link(s) is/are generated/displayed.

  3. Next you can code, or use a service such as Feed2js to produce, Javascript code to be inserted into your index.html page that will “grab” the events content, format it, and display it on your page.

  4. Having done that, you insert the code you wrote or generated/obtained from the service into you index.html page. Once this is done the javascript will cause the page to display the content available in the WebCalendar feed to be formatted and displayed on your page.

That is the general process. In reviewing that, it might be a bit much for you to attempt at present, so it might be best to look for another alternative.

Possibly a search of the web via Google will reveal a tool/method for taking ical compatible info and generating an RSS feed for that (this might enable you to skip the WebCalendar upgrade step), or another approach altogether.



BTW, if all else fails and you’re about to give up, you might consider switching to Google Calendar and embedding that. I’m only suggesting it as a last resort, though.

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Big thanks rlparker. I think I can do this. Maybe. But if not, I vow not to throw a shoe at the monitor.


Thanks Lensman. Always good to have a Plan B.


That’s the spirit! :slight_smile: I’m glad you are not too discouraged to give it a try; trying this stuff is how web skills grow. Good luck with it!



Yes, as my first ski instructor, Chuck, said, “If you’re not falling, you’re not learning.”

Let’s just say as far as skiing goes, I’m still learning a lot. :slight_smile:

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