Calendar and Server Time



I installed the one click calendar and it all works brilliantly. However, there is an issue with the current time, in that it is set to the server time which is around 16.5 hours different to where I am (Hong Kong). Everything shows up in the right time slot, except of course the current date - ie instead of it being Friday 9am it shows up as say Thursdy 2:30 pm.

If I try to adjust the time using the calendar admin properties, it doesn’t really solve my problem. When I do that, the current time is right, but if I add an event for Friday Noon, it automatically puts it in the calendar for Saturday 6:30am.

The calendar is on mydomain.tld/calendar. When it says server time, is this related to the calendar software (ie the maker’s server time) or is it something I can fix on my domain through the panel or the shell?

Any help would be gratefully received.

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You could try some creative editing of the calendar software/templates. You can read the following page on how to work with dates/times in PHP:

Do a search on that page for “offset.” There are some messages in the bottom of the page explaining how to do date calculations.