Calendar and contacts

I’m thinking about switching to Fastmail for email, calendar and contacts because Dreamhost doesn’t appear to have any obvious way to sync calendar/contacts.

Before I make that switch, is there anything I’m missing? Is there a simple way to do this in Dreamhost?

Seems to me Dreamhost is missing a trick here. I’ve been round the houses trying to decide on Dropbox vs G Suite vs Microsoft 365 for a new business and I’ve settled on Dropbox for various reasons. But this leaves us without a calendar/contacts service. If Dreamhost provided a calendar and contacts service along with their webmail service, with CalDAV and CardDAV syncing, the answer for us would be obvious.

I’ve just come across ownCloud which looks like it could be a solution. But we’re on a Shared Hosting subscription. Could we use VPS to run ownCloud and store data? Or would we need to use Object Storage? If so, could we just use Shared Hosting with Object Storage?

(we’re a small business of 3 people with under 200 GB data)

There were a few people on Shared Hosting that implemented OwnCloud with DreamObjects some years ago and reported that it was successful. There is a KB article on the setup process here:

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