CalemEAM install

I am writing to see if anyone’s looked at CalemEAM for asset management and purchase management. It’s still in beta but looks rather nice.

I’d like to be able to install it on DH but haven’t been able to get by the file configuration. I set my HOME as my home directory on DH and PHP where PHP lives, etc…

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

I downloaded and installed the system following the configuration guide on their website. I was able to get it started on an XP system with no problems and used the WAMP install. What in particular did you get stuck on in the



The install application expects /usr/local/php5 to be inside my HOME_DIR and that isn’t the case. What did you use as your HOME_DIR?

On windows xp I used the defaults:

set HOME_DIR=c:\wamp
set PHP_EXE=%HOME_DIR%\php\php.exe
set CALEM_DIR=%HOME_DIR%\www\CalemEAM\

If I had php installed in my home directory then I suppose it could work but DH doesn’t like us to do it. I don’t know as I wanted to test Calem and don’t know if it’s worth doing all this work for.

It also seems to me that even though it’s compatible with Linux that it was built for WAMP as a normal Linux install isn’t configured that way.

For a setup on Fedora 6 we have the following


You’re right in that the current installation guide is for Windows. A new release with a few changes for Linux will hit SourceForge within a week or so (for instance, a PHP version for jsmin.exe). Additionally, online demo will also be made available soon.

Hello Clay,

Thanks again for your responses! I’ll wait to see what you’ve got in the new release.

The release for Linux (r1.0.1x) is available on The demo is also released, check it out at Let us know your feedback.

Did you ever get CalemEAM to work?

I have installed the latest version (v2) and got to work (shown below) and the database updated, but when I tried to hit the front page for the first time, I got “500 Internal Server Error” problems. After looking at the logs, I think it is because PHP is running in CGI mode.

Here’s my that worked:


I gave up after discovering that it doesn’t do what I was hoping it would do… good luck