Caching solutions for MediaWiki

Are there are caching solutions, such as memcache, that mediawiki can be configured to use “out of the box”? I’m willing to install software, but before I did that I wanted to know what was already avalibale and approved by dreamhost.

Sure is:

MediaWiki comes with File Caching built in:

If you use Memcache, read this one:

My question is does dreamhost already run memcache on a port or will they complain if i compile and start it on my own. I’m not on a virtual host, but a shared machine.

I’ve got file cache turned on, just wanted to see if memcache gave me any better performance.

We do not run memcached on anything by default, and it will not work on a shared hosting account. You will need a VPS or dedicated server to install/run it.

Yes, I can understand why, would be a pain just from a security point of view. Thanks, I’ll stick with disk cache.