Caching on a SMF forum

I am looking for a new host for my
forum, which is running on a
SMF forum software.

I would like to have caching enabled on my new host, so I am asking, if you have installed any of these packages:

How can I setup the caching ?

SMF gives as the report also for a friend , who
already has a SMF forum on dreamhost :

SMF has not been able to detect a compatible accelerator on your server.

SMF supports caching through the use of accelerators. The currently supported accelerators include:

  • APC
  • eAccelerator
  • Turck MMCache
  • Memcached
  • Zend Platform/Performance Suite (Not Zend Optimizer)

Caching will only work on your server if you have PHP compiled with one of the above optimizers, or have memcache available.

SMF performs caching at a variety of levels. The higher the level of caching enabled the more CPU time will be spent retrieving cached information. If caching is available on your machine it is recommended that you try caching at level 1 first.

Note that if you use memcached you need to provide the server details in the setting below. This should be entered as a comma separated list as shown in the example below:

Note that if no port is specified SMF will use port 11211. SMF will attempt to perform rough/random load balancing across the servers.


So how could this caching be enabled on dreamhost
to support an SMF forum ?

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Stefan is a friend who is looking for a new host. I’ve been using your hosting service for a few years now and advised him to try you out. I gave him some limited access to my cp so he could have a look around. I’m not sure how to answer his question and didn’t know where to look for the answer.
Please help out if you can. I suppose I can also send in a support ticket to try and get a clear understanding.
I’ve never had an issue in this matter, so I’m not sure how Dreamhost handles caching, unless it falls into the category of conqueries,(sp?) and goes along with cpu and memory use.