Is there any support for C# on DreamHost?
I seem to recall that there was at one point.

Upload some compiled code and find out. DH is fully linux so you would only be able to do that through Mono. (Open source .net implementation)

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Very true!
Though if he/she wants to serve it as a web page, I believe that requires DH have mod_mono installed for their apache server.
I don’t believe they have that installed… but I could be wrong. Possibly something to ask support about :wink:

Can’t it be compiled as cgi? I thought I read somewheres that c/c++ could.
I know C# is different, but never had the chance to play with it.

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I’ve never personally attempted it before (cause I hate programming), but a google search says it’s possible.
Actually, the article I found gives both pros and cons in regards to using C#, so you might actually consider giving it a read :wink:

(Just below that, is the ‘Why you might not want to…’ part of the article)