C panel is free ?or only some plans include the

All DreamHost plans include the control panel, or is there another way to upload files?

a friend commented that ssh terminal but do not know what this means ?
any plan that engages in dream brings me cpanel host?

I can set the mails there and host multiple domains ?

than you for your time really appreciate it

Yeah, Dreamhost has its own custom control panel. You can use a web-based FTP from the cp, or get a FTP client like Filezilla or something and upload/download directly. Add as many domains as ya want to the account, and email setup for new domains is pretty easy too.

Edit: when you say free, I’m not sure if you’re referring to the free apps service. I don’t think that has much in the way of a control panel or domains…

Yes, Its Dreamhost Customized Dashboard (control panel) to all its customer and Same panel is available to all its users even afflt. account