C++, C#, Java and ASP.NET on Dreamhost?


I am interested in learning about C++ and C#, which can be used in ASP.NET. I was wondering if Dreamhost supports web development in any of these languages? I know Dreamhost uses Linux and ASP.NET is supposed to be a Microsoft Windows based language so it may not work. I don’t know about C++ or C#. I am already well-experienced at PHP/MySQL, XHTML/CSS, but I am a noob when it comes to C languages or Microsoft Languages.

As an important side question: I would like to develop some cool and highly complex physics simulations/programs that could be shown and used on the web (hopefully to impress potential employers so I can finally get a job). At the same time, I was hoping to get experience in C++/C# so I could add these to my resume along with my Java experience. What languages are best for developing these simulations and putting them on the web with the Dreamhost server?


C++ is quite possibly one of the worst possible languages you could choose to do web development in, but it is supported on DreamHost, for what it’s worth.

C# is not supported on DreamHost. As you’ve surmised, it’s primarily a Microsoft technology (although some Linux implementations, such as Mono, do exist), and as such isn’t well-suited for use on our servers.

Java is partially supported on DreamHost. Most Java web applications run through a servlet engine such as Apache Tomcat or Jetty, which we do not currently support on DreamHost (although you may be able to set up and run one yourself on a VPS or Dedicated Server). Java applets require no server-side support, though, and as such they work just fine.

As far as physics simulations go, I’m not sure running them on the web server really makes much sense to begin with — unless you only plan on displaying the end results, which seems like it’d be kind of boring, it’d probably make much more of an impression to be able to run the simulation in a browser. That’d probably mean writing your simulations in Java, JavaScript, or Flash.

Thanks for the explanation andrewf. I heard that a game such as Runescape is made using Java applets. Would something like Runescape be possible on Dreamhost without a dedicated server or VPS? Or does Runescape use servlets?


The back-end server for Runescape (which is the interesting part, from an architectural point of view) is almost certainly some sort of custom network daemon, not a web service, and as such wouldn’t work on a shared hosting account. While it’d be technically possible to implement a game like that which communicated over HTTP, it’d be incredibly inefficient.