C/c++ compiled cgi is not working on ubuntu vps


I just moved to ubuntu SSD vps from normal vps. and i found at3 (c/c++ compiled cgi) can not work on new server, it was working fine on old vps, the error log "premature end of script headers:install.cgi"
What wrong with it? are there anything misconfigered?
If the ubuntu system needs new version of c/c++ compiled cgi, which version below can run on ubuntu server?
FreeBSD 5.4 - 32 BIT
FreeBSD 6.x - 32 BIT
FreeBSD 6.x - 64 BIT
FreeBSD 7.x - 32 BIT
FreeBSD 7.x - 64 BIT
LINUX package II - 32 BIT-redhat 8-9, Fedora 1-2 centOS 3, debian 3
LINUX package III - 32 BIT-Fedora 4-6, debian 4
LINUX package IV - 32 BIT-CentOS 4, CentOS 5
LINUX package III - 64 BIT-Fedora 4-6, debian 4
LINUX package V - 64 BIT-CentOS 4, CentOS 5, redhat ES4, debian 5


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The very last one (“LINUX package V”) might work. The operating systems that it’s built for are still about five years old, though, so I can’t be certain.

Whether that works or not, you need to start looking for a replacement for this software. It’s clearly not being maintained anymore.

Unfortunately, that one still can not work neither.
Anyway, thank you for your reply.