Buying the next lot of hosting


G’day guys,

Not sure if this is a common question, but I got one of the riduculously good deals on hosting (think I got one year), and I’m worrying that my next lot of dreamhost hosting is going to cost a fortune - can you still use the coupons when extending your hosting?


Watto :slight_smile:

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Nope - they’re only good for new customers.

But it’s still a good deal, especially from a host that’s nice enough to give you almost $100 off of the first year. :wink:

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You can’t use a promo code but I think you could consider switching to monthly billing, that way its not one large hit. There would be no set up fee as you are already set up.

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I’m pretty sure he means he’s worried about the price, not having to pay it all at once. Since monthly billing would increase the price, and would invoke the setup fee, switching to monthly billing would not be wise.
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Monthly billing is same price as annual only 2 yearly has a cheaper rate, fair enough about the set up fee though I was assuming this was just when initially setting up an account.

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Actually it wouldn’t invoke the setup fee, if he’s been a customer for over 97 days. Which is quite cool, despite the fact the monthly charge is of course slightly higher than those of the yearly (etc) plans.


DreamHost provided some way for you to reduce your hosting cost :

  1. You can promote DH and get some referral income to cover your hosting cost.
  2. You can also add link in your website to let visitor to donate to your hosting fee (See your web panel->Home->Donation) for detail.

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Beside with earning through DH referral and Donation you can earn through Google Adsense. There’re many ways you can earn via Google Adsense- 1. Showing ads, 2. Putting google search on you site and 3. Referring people to Google products such as Adsense(upto $250/referral),Adwords(upto $90/referral),Google checkout($10/referral),Google apps for your domain($5/referral),Firefox with google toolbar($1/referral) etc etc. So as more you can get traffic to your site as more you can earn. If you can work rightly with Google Adsense and DH referral i think you can earn much more than the yearly hosting fee. Therefore,there’re much more ways to earn,try them yourself if you’re interested. Good luck.

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Thanks very much for the replies, guys! I’m starting to do a bit of web design for people, so I think I’ll just charge a bit to cover their hosting and mine. Not really big on the advertising idea.


I like Vegemite.


You’re most welcome.

Thats your choice :slight_smile:

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