Buying my domains

Right now, I have a couple of domains I bought from Network Solutions about eight begrillion years ago. I suddenly noticed that you can subscribe to your domains via Dreamhost instead.

However, I can’t find out how much that costs. Would it be any different than what NS is charging me? Is there a pricelist somewhere?

Is there any disadvantage to subscribing to my domains here? It seems to me that it really doesn’t matter WHERE you subscribe, and if I’m also hosting here, well, why not?


I think you mean “register” not subscribe. So if you bought it from NS a while ago, they are your “registar” What I think you’re asking is if you can make Dreamhost your registar instead of NS. DH certainly can do this but I don’t know about their pricing schedule. Please note that in DH’s page, they specify this:

“We’re proud to announce that New Dream Network, LLC (DreamHost’s parent company) is an ICANN-accredited registrar!” – meaning your domains would actually be registered under New Dream Network.

I normally use Godaddy for domain registration as they are cheap and that is their bread and butter.

Right, yep, Registrar. That’s right – I was having trouble finding the right word. Thanks.

I’d just like to know how MUCH it costs…

$9.95 per year per domain. only .com, .org, .net and .info domains can be registered via dreamhost.

Groovy! Yeah, that matches what I learned, too.

That’s cheaper than Network Solutions is charging…

Thank you!

I have like a vip status or something at Godaddy so sometimes I can get those for 6.95 or something, but you have to buy a lot of domains for that to take place. :confused: