Buying a domain that Dreamhost is the contact

I’m trying to acquire a domain that is not being used and the registrant is private and only shows contact info for Dreamhost. I have called and emailed Dreamhost with no response.

How do I go about acquiring this domain, or getting a response from Dreamhost?

Thanks for your input!

You will need to contact the owner of the domain. Only they can authorize a transfer of their domain to you.

If they have not responded, or if they are unwilling to transfer the domain, you’ll need to pick something else. We cannot force an owner to sell their domain name.

For this case, is there a way for DH to provide the customer’s contact details instead since the info is private?

Unless the customer has messed it up somehow, the email address listed on a private registration should reach the intended domain owner. If it doesn’t, or if they ignore the email then there is nothing that can be done.