Button to manually run a cron job

I have a few processes that rely on cron jobs, and occasionally I need to add/update a script, upgrade the version of PHP it’s running on, etc. It would be quite handy to have a button to run a cron job immediately, ideally showing the output in the browser.

Right now, if I make an update to a cron job, the only way to make sure it’s still working properly is to wait for the job to run again. Sure, I can set it to a higher frequency so I don’t have to wait so long, but that’s clunky, and I have to remember to change it back.

Just a minor thing, but it could be very useful from time to time.


Instead of waiting for DH to create a button for your cron (which IMO will never happen) why don’t you just use a SSH client to execute the cron anytime you want.

Oh, I have done so a few times via SSH, and it works fine. But a button would be so very convenient.

I have exact same thing done for my website. I added several links (available from a private/authenticated page) that simply call my php script when I click them, that are otherwise invoked via cron daily.

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