Burst performance: VPS v. shared hosting

I everyone. I run a php/mysql survey platform on a shared hosting account, it runs off a subdomain for me. e.g. mydomain.com (wordpress) and survey.mydomain.com (limesurvey)

The site generally has low traffic, but for the first time in my history as a DH customer I will be hosting some projects that may have 400 people hitting the site at the same time, with bursts like that through the day.

I know from running wordpress that it can be kind of slow sometimes, and have been thinking about moving the domain from shared hosting to a VPS. I cannot find much information anywhere on whether that would solve my potential problem (i.e. 400 visitors waiting for a page load that does not finish). This is hypothetical, but I do not want to find out the hard way how much traffic the shared server can handle or that I am pushing the shared mysql too far. Thanks for your help. CK

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You should be totally fine serving 400 connections. The WP domain might benefit from using file caching such as WP Super Cache (use the “Expert” option in the Advanced tab to ease the load on your PHP processes).

Shared Unlimited has a lot of headspace. It’s not so much the number of users connected, but WP itself so get the pluggin suggested.

Also optimize your images and reduce the HTTP connections by eliminating 3rd party resources.

Thanks for the suggestions. My WP site is really low traffic, I am mostly concerned with slow loads possible when reading/writing data between php and mysql. There are not a lot of big queries, there are just going to be a lot of them and I will have one shot at getting 8000 gathered participants to do this over two days. It has been years since I have thought at all about load times since it was primarily for myself.

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