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Hi! I’m running into an issue where the bullet points are not appearing in my pages anymore. They were there and then (I know this is cliche) one day, gone. I upgraded WordPress but still does not work. I have ul and li and it’s basic code:
What is Reflections?

  • PTA believes all children deserve a quality arts education and encourages students to pursue artistic expression through participation in its annual arts Reflections Program.
  • When children express themselves through words, pictures, movement, music, photography and other art forms, they grow intellectually.
  • Each year, the Reflections Program challenges students to create art that interprets a specific theme.
Oddly it shows up just fine in WordPress Visual and HTML tabs but on the actual page (Firefox and IE) you see no black bullet points. I vaguely saw some WordPress help where you need to add an li in style.css but 1) I am not sure where I need to put it and 2) since it worked before, and I changed nothing prior to it not working (I know, typical answer) it seems odd for me to have to change something now to make it appear.

Thanks for any guidance. The website - if that’s useful to you is: hillelementary.com.


You’re not seeing any because your style.css indicates not to show any.

The URL is http://hillelementary.com/wp-content/themes/hill/style.css

And you want to change the rule at line 214 (the ‘.col1 ul’ selector)

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Thanks for the direction! I added it but I still have the problem. For example, on the main page, under Hot Topics at the top, there’s a Flu Letter link - that was supposed to have bullet points. Also under VOLUNTEER menu, is the item ‘Reflections - What is It?’ and that should have bullet points as well. I guess I am still missing an ‘li’ somewhere?


You changed the selector, not the declaration. Here is a link to the CSS 2.1 Specification. But in the meantime you changed.col1 ul { list-style:none; font-size:12px; }to.col1 ul li{ list-style:none; font-size:12px; }
Elements have style properties, so first we determine (selector) what elements we want to style, then we set values (declaration) for their properties. So whether or not a list has bullets (‘markers’) is a property, just like the font size is considered a property. And changing the font size doesn’t turn off markers so that leaves the list-style property as the culprit.

The default style has markers, so all you had to do was delete the line with the list-style propery:.col1 ul { font-size:12px; }A UL element is a list. An LI element is a list-item. List-item elements are children of list elements. Elements have style properties, and some of these style properties will be inherited by their children. List-style is one such property. So what you did was simply switch from saying the list has no bullets to the list-items have no bullets with no difference in the result.

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OOOHH! I get it! I added the ‘li’ because that’s what some other WordPress blog/forum thing said but couldn’t read enough code to figure out exactly where. But now I see the ‘list-style’ tag!

Just curious - why would someone ever want this? Why would you ever turn off features like that?

Thank you SOOOO much! It did work! Will study that link some more too.

Customization. For lists in particular, you can use different markers - even your own images; or if you want to “flatten” a list into a paragraph instead of a column you’d probably want to turn markers off.

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