Bulk mail solutions

My company is set up with a Dreamhost VPS and is currently mirating our new site.

We have 2-3 emails per week that go out to a fairly small customer list (about 150 recipients max, but still large enough to go beyond the Dreamhost 100 email/hour limit).

The options I’ve come up with are:

  1. Use a discussion list. Heavily moderate it so it functions like an announce list. (Announce lists are not an option as we need to send a pdf attachment and use formatted text.)

  2. Switch to gmail (google apps) for mail. However I don’t know what the limits on using gmail’s servers are - would we run into issues with being flagged as spam by google? Does gmail insert any sort of text into the mails we send (like those ‘scanned for viruses’ or advertisement type things)? Anything else I’m not thinking of? Other people seem to have had technical hassles making this work.

The gmail option just came to me today and I’m wondering if it might work well. Anything that lets the very, very non technical type people here just type an email and send it off to their customer list makes life much easier.

Just in case anyone is wondering - we’re not trying to spam anyone - this is a weekly product availability we send out; it’s expected and required by the businesses to whom we sell.

Edit : just to clarify, we don’t care about using IMAP or storing mail on google’s servers, plain smtp is fine if that makes the transition to google apps easier.