Bulk Email


Id like to be able to send a weekly newsletter informing customers of sales and new products.

Is there a way to do this at Dreamhost?

Thanks a lot.
I love it here.


yes. mailing list. make sure you follow DH’s rules for bulk email though or you’ll quickly lose your account for spamming.


Announcement List, specifically. Available under the “Mail” section of the panel, logically enough.


Thank you. Since I’m new to this, perhaps you could help me out a little more.
I have an HTML email template for my newsletter, how to I send that template and information to each person on my mailing list?
I really don’t want to send simple text messages.

BTW. I just transferred my account from GoDaddy.
I can actually pull up my site whenever I want and either see or work on it.
I could only do that 50% of the time at GoDaddy.
I’m dazzled!


You should read the information in DH’s wiki on the Announcement List;


Some of the instructions take a little time to digest, but they are quite clear and not at all hard once you get the hang of it.


Thank you. I’ll give it a read.