Bulk Email Solutions

I host a site where several users send bulk emails (an event list) on a weekly basis. Currently, they use personal email accounts and blind copy the recipients. I want to stop that and ideally have the emails come from an address from the domain.

However, in establishing an opt-in Announcement List, it appears that I’m the only one who can actually send the mail unless I give others access to our web hosting account (NOT an option).

I want the users reponsible for sending these emails to be able to do so whenever they need without my involvement and without accessing the web panel (where they can potentially screw up other things).

It appears we may need a 3rd party script/program to achieve this, Can anyone reccommend a few that comply with DreamHost’s policies/servers?

Couldn’t you give them access to just that part of the panel? It should be possible to restrict them to a narrow enough subset of things (by delegating privs to a different webid) that they can post without mucking anything else up.

But do submit this as a feature request - there are plans to revamp the current announcement list system. Something like this sounds like a feature that could be added without a whole lot of trouble.

Thanks Will!

I swear I looked all over for that functionality but I assumed it would be under the user tab - duh! This suggestion will do the trick.

I’ll also submit as a feature request. Any ETA on the revamp?