Bulk Email Policy


I just registered with an hosting company that is currently serving my website. I thought everything was fine until I decided to send out my first bulk email of about 2600 newsletters.

I didnt want to abuse the server load so I created a PHP script that would extract the email address and the newsletter content from a MYSQL database and then it would send the email and sleep for two seconds before it would send the next email.

I did this because I did not want the server load to be extreme as I took into account that other people are hosted on the same machine.

I pay $9.95 a month with my host.

After I sent out 2600 emails, 2400 emails decided to bounce.

I contacted support and they told me that they only allow 200 emails to be sent per hour.

I find this terrible and it is not what I am after.

I heard good things from DreamHost as a friend of mine has his website hosted here (www.barefiles.com).

What is your bulk email policy?
How many emails can I send per session/hour/day/week/month? I make sure I follow the Direct Market Association (DMA) UKs guide lines on sending honorable emails as it is the law. All the emails are opt-in only and private details arent shared/sold/published.


Ashley Taylor

There is a similar limit here.

But you can create an Announce List, and send many email at once with it.

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I dont want to repeat the same mistake again.

Is there an exact number?

There seems like no limit with announcement list. You can go to control panel and create the one way list (https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=mail.list&).

I once asked the dreamhost guy about the sending limit, they replies with if you want to increase the limit contact the support and they will review your needs and purpose first :slight_smile:

Hope this may helps you considering Dreamhost…



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The exact number varies, depending upon how the mail is sent:

SMTP limit is 100 per hour
CGI generated mail (phpmail function, sendmail, etc.) is 200 per hour.

This is generally measured per machine user (see discussion linked here)

Per Dallas (DreamHost Honcho) those limits may be adjusted on a case by case basis, though you need to ask for an adjustment and be in complete compliance with DreamHost’s* Anit-Spam policy (not just “opt-in” and in compliance with UK, or another jurisdiction’s, law). The policy is strict, and requires, among other things, a “confirmed opt-in”; you should review it carefully.

As previously noted, you can use the announcement list feature on DreamHost to avoid the quota issue, but the “confirmed opt-in” and other Anti-Spam requirements still apply. :wink:


The short (but incomplete) answer is: 100 per hour, see:


Sending lots of mail from the server is “bad” as it consumes resources, and for a few other reasons. DH may disable your account if you do this twice in one month. But, this limit only applies to sending directly from your host. DH has a solution for you.

To send eMail to many people, use an announce list, see:


Also note DH has TOS you must comply with in addition to any local laws (which you are stating you comply with).

Not only must users “opt in”, which you are complying with, the users must confirm opting in, and you must also maintain records (logs) and otherwise follow the DH defined protocol. See:


This should get you started in the right direction.


Color me ignorant, but does anyone know if this includes CC & BCC addresses as well? I would assume so, but was just curious.

Yep, CC and BCC addresses count as a “recipient”, and for the purposes of the quota, that is counted as an “email” :wink:



thanks for all your input guys.

I took advantage of the 555 offer!!

Cheers again :slight_smile:

Never seen people so active on a hosting forum like this