Bulk adding whitelist/blacklist

I would like to know if there is a method of adding email addresses into the whitelist/blacklist in bulk rather than one by one from the “Editing junkmail settings” web page

Thank you.

The DreamHost API provides some mail filter functionality that you could automate.


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Thanks sXi for your reply and the suggestion. I have gone through the mail-add_filter documentation which will work fine on a small list of addresses.

However it does not look like a filter can be added to an entire domain which makes administration of these filters a bit cumbersome.

If there was an api into the anti-spam then it would be better.

Ack. Don’t try to use mail filters for blacklisting addresses - they’re much slower, and will bog down very quickly as you add addresses. Ask for an API to the whitelist/blacklist if you need one!

Thanks Andrew for reading this post. I have put in a suggestion just now titled “API for anti-spam”.