Bulk Add Domains Possible?


There was a suggestion that should allow bulk add domains in the domains management console.

The domains are already registered under a different registrar and have all been pointed to ns1.dreamhost.com etc…

Check out this suggestion(it’s been a while since 3/20/06)
https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=home.sugg&category=Domains - Add Domain

Vote for it if you haven’t!


I suggested that after adding about 20 domains at once. Not fun! I’m surprised there isn’t more demand for it. Considering just about all registrars have bulk-registration, it would seem natural to bulk-add those domains to your hosting plan.

It could be a page of one-liners that start with a text box for the domain, then a drop down box for each of these: user, fully/mirror/etc…, www or not, PHP version, etc…

Then, once submitted, the script could just process the lines without a blank text box.

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seriously… why not add this feature… it seems obvious to me…


Well, concidering that once upon a time (no more than 3-4 months ago), there was indeed a limit to the number domains a person could have, it’s quote obvious why it is not currently possible.

If you want it, just vote for the suggestion, the same way every other new feature is added.

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No offence, but bulk registrion is being HIGHLY abused by domain squatters and typo spammers. I’m VERY glad to see the option for that abuse currently isn’t available on dreamhost.

yerba# rm -rf /etc


Email service is abused by spammers, but they still offer that. :wink:

Unfortunately, there’s not a feature out there that won’t be abused, which is why you get rid of the abusers rather than the features.

Just look at all of the customers that DH and other hosts get because they offer shell access, even though it’s constantly abused and many (most?) hosts just disable it for everyone.

As far as squatters go, the bulk registration is also nice for people that want to buy all of the variations of their domain so they don’t have to worry about others scooping them up.

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The difference here is the balance between /average user/ needs and possibilities of abuse.

Shell access on DH isn’t as abused as you might think it. DH servers are actually very secure on the command line. I’ve used plenty of other web hosts that turn off shell cause of the abuse. And others I’ve been on where their severs were very unsecure with HIGH possibility of above. One of them I was able to access the user/pass of their entire customer base. :slight_smile:

DH folks know what they are doing. I do appreciate the security of their servers. This is one reason WHY I’ve kept with them for so long. They know their s*. The only things that get hacked when things DO get hacked are customer sites…and those are things DH has no control over. Users don’t know the security of their own scripts and the holes to get abused, but they often only effect their person sites (and often server loads, too).

Everything has potential of abuse, this is correct. However, the DH customer base must prove to DH that any new feature is in high enough demand to take that risk.

For example of a risk that’s been shut off soon is the email thing. User catch-all is forwarding over to much stuff to AOL and other servers that AOL is blocking DH. NOW the risk is greater than the demand and DH is making changes to remove the risk.

So, like I said above, vote for the feature. If it gets enough votes, DH folks will decide if they want to take on the risks for the good of their customers.

yerba# rm -rf /etc