Built-in catchalls problem


The new catch-all system where you can use regularaddy+foo@domain.com doesn’t seem very stable to me. Gmail at least refuses to send, and when using it to register at forums etc. they either won’t accept an email adress with + in it, or just don’t seem to send me any mail.

Solutions? I’d love one, since it’s a kick-butt feature!

Yes there is a problem with other sites not accepting tag addressing even though it is acceptable under RFC papers. I have not had problems using it with gmail (I think there was an initial problem where some DH users had the spam detection feature set up at DH although I thought this had been fixed.) but some sites do reject it. I think it occurs when email addresses are regexd, or otherwise filtered for inclusion into a database record, and the plus sign is seen as an error in the email address when it is not.

All you can really do is ask them to amend their systems to correctly accept plus tagged addresses.


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