Building new Sites and DNS - too complicated?

Hi there,

I’m a web developer testing out DH for my own site, and client sites. With my old hosts, the development process seemed much easier. For example:

Say I have a new client that just registered a new domain - they have no current website. I can create one at the host I usually use, and get a URL like this :

Likewise, I can transfer an existing website in the same manner.

This includes a MySQL database that is automatically mapped that this account, and I can pop into myPHPadmin immediately and begin developing a database driven site and uploading files. Previewing the live site is as easy as going to the URL above. Then when the time comes, we transfer the domain, and that’s all there is to it. The new domain :
is mapped to :
in their DNS, and I gladly send off the invoice to a happy client.

While DH has many features that are appealing, it seems that the development process with DNS is a major pain, with creating subdomains and all just to preview a site and get at the database.

I’m thinking of transfering my current site over here. What I’d like to be able to do is upload all the files, and dump my old MySQL database into this one. While that’s a piece of cake, I can’t even preview my own site here wo/ creating what seems like endless subdomains for the actual site and the database. I still can’t get it right.

Is it this really this difficult to build and preview sites before switching the domain over? As a “professional”, this seems like a waste of time.

(I’ve checked the “transfer” aticles already, and find them rather useless for what I’m trying to do here - so unless I’ve completely missed something, please don’t refer me over to them.)

So die-hard DH developers - let’s hear it!

Update ::

OK - figured out my first mistake:

The knowledge base says:

" Then, in order to test your domains on our servers before you actually switch the dns, add free DreamHost (like say sub-domains to your account (again through ‘Add Domain’) and set them to “mirror” your actual domains you haven’t switched over yet. "

I misunderstood this, and now it’s working.

On to databases…

OK - so this old dawg had to learn a few new tricks. All seems OK!