Building before redirecting



Thanks to the forums amazing help I have successfully moved a practice to .org on dreamhost - thank you.

The next phase is moving another site which currently is receiving 800 - 1000 hits a day therefore I want to set everything up on dreamhost first before I redirect the site to the dream host servers.

As I already have the address hosted on, if i were to add a new domain in the domain management area and called it, would it effect the current site?

If not, then I am guessing these would be the relevant instructions to follow…

Am I right?


Until you change the nameservers (which right now are probably pointing to, the domain name will keep pointing to your .com account.

You can add them here, but the domain won’t ‘work’ as DH till you change those nameservers to, etc etc :slight_smile:

Keep in mind our warning about CMS, you’ll have to search and replace in your DB when you move from dreamhosters to your real domain name.


I need an idiots guide…

I’m guessing this is the way i do it:-

  1. Manage domains > Add Domain - At this point if i use my existing domain there is no way I can create a log in and user name as it just redirects me to the existing site with an error. as the site already exists. Should I be setting it up on a sub domain or even
    This is what I wanted I think…


Ok - i tried today and failed with my second practice site…

i own the domain (it currently points to

I set up a new domain on dream host and named it and installed a one-click WP

I then set up another domain and named it

Setting this up to mirror

I need to keep pointing at until I have installed the new site and checked that it is working.

How would I go about this?

I have a folder in my ftp called which contains a default empty wordpress database - I can not get in through the recommended way of using as this just takes me back to the original site with an error message.

What am i doing wrong here?

I felt I was getting somewhere, but now feel very lost.


You’re doing fine :smiley:

Keep’s DNS the way it is (pointing to

Go to

(hint - your subfolder is the folder in the /home/user/ folder where you installed WP. Since it’s still got the install page up, I didn’t want to advertise it)

Go ahead and set up WP there.


Wow! Thank you! I was so close… Thank you! Stress has now dissipated… :wink:

More testing, then I’ll go for the BIG move

I’ll be back, I know it! This is a great learning experience - thanks!


Am I able to upload the google analytics code to a site that is currently being mirrored - or should I wait until the live site is up?


I would wait till the site is live, so you don’t get false reports.


Thanks for your help so far - I feel I am close to moving my mirrored site to go live. I have a question about links and files. As I have uploaded all media to the mirrored site the location of these files are set up as being at and obviously all links are set to direct to these if they are clicked. Will all these links update to a address and remove the dreamhosters part when I go for the move!? for example - one of the files is located here when I go live will it automatically update to the new location address without the dreamhosters in it? I am hoping all works as it does in the mirrored site…



It doesn’t.

This was mentoioned in out warning about dreamhosters and CMS page.

Before you turn your domain over to the real domain name, you need to

  1. Search your posts for dreamhosters and replace with the real domain
  2. Change the Home and Site URL within WP settings to the real domain.

The easiest way to do that first step is with a plugin.

It has a lot of settings, but since all you need to change is post content, you can go in to Tools -> Search & Replace, and in the bottom section check only content, and put in your URLs.

It’ll look like this:

Press Go and it will come back with this:


Obviously I didn’t have any in my site :wink:


Thank you so much - I am glad there is a plugin for this, else it wouldve taken me forever.

I am excited and nervous for the change… gonna give myself 3 days straight in case of any issues!!!

Thanks so far for your help…extremely valuable.


Thanks for this - Will part 1 and 2 need to be completed within moments of each other so as not to cause strange happenings with the current live site?
Also, will the changes I make in step 2 make any difference to the live site, or would that then be caused by the final DNS switch highlighted in your warning about cms page?

In closing I guess I am asking, is it best to do all of these steps in one sitting? Thanks…


One and two would need to be done before you flip the domain to point to DreamHost, but the only problem with waiting between one and two is that your links and images will appear broken until you finish both one and two.

Once you’ve finished both steps, your site will ‘break’ and just not work at all on the dreamhosters URL. It’s not actually broken, though, the DNS switch will fix it all :slight_smile:

I would do them all in one sitting, just so I don’t forget anything.

Oh! And remember it can take up to 72 hours for DNS changes to take effect!


I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for all the support in getting my site up and running! I went for the switch a month back or so now and simply just wanted to say it went well and thanks!


Glad to hear that :smiley: