Build private site first

Hi everyone,

I am sure this is an incredibly stupid question - but I want to build a site that mirrors a site that I own that is already on the web. After I finish building it, I’ll change the DNS servers to point to the new site I’ve built.

I created a domain name on the DreamHost servers - and installed WordPress to begin. I have the site name…but since the site is not registered, how do I access it?

Let’s say the site is: that should be built and will become

How would I access to build it? Do I have to pay for a registered name and host the site or can I use a mirror or subdomain of one of my existing 20 sites?



are you using two domains and or do you mean to say you want to use a sub-domain to build site?

Either way you can restrict access to the test site using .htaccess file there are examples over in the dreamhost wiki.

when you create these domains and or sub-domains on the manage domains page in the panel it would be simplest to create each of the domains sub-domains under the same “user”. your directory path will be something like /home/username/ and /home/username/

You can then develop in the sub-domain and control access using .htaccess to specific users either by login or IP address. Once you are ready to publish you just copy files over via shell access, when copying things to production always remember to pay attention to what files (like config.php or wp-config.php) that have hard links and database crenditials those files need special attention or you site will break as you update.

When developing link references within your own pages always use relative links, this way as you copy from your development area to your your main site links will be maintained and not break and have to be manually updated.

Hi I have a problem that I’m not sure is the same or different to the one listed here. I am building a new wordpress site for a nonprofit, and want to build it directly online so that I can easily share it with some of the committee members for feedback (but not visible to everone yet).

I have previously been developing (or really just testing out stuff) in a local development environment on my desktop machine. I now want to build a new site online that is not publicly available.

It will also have a temporary domain name that I’ll change later to the nonprofit’s registered domain name. That part seems fairly straight forward and just require a high degree of attention to detail when making the change.

The part I am stuck on is getting the site set up in a private space online. I took lakerat’s advice and searched the DH wiki for references to the .htaccess file but didn’t seem to find what I needed. Are there some other keywords I should be looking for in conjunction with .htaccess?

Once I get the site up there, I will need to grant access to a few people. Do I do that via the wp admin panel or through DH?

I’m pretty clueless with site hosting as my only other sites have been or otherwise the hosting part was managed by someone else. I think it’s time to learn…

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

To be more specific here is a link that will jump you right to where you need to be in the wiki: and to be more specific yet , you want to “protect directory”.