Bugzilla install problem

After following the WIKI and having the install not work, then waiting 3 days for a response from dreamhost support saying we don’t support 3rd party apps but you might try setting webservergroup to dhapache which I have done, I still does not run. When I go to the bugzilla directory, I get the error 404, file not found. any ideas? anyone have bugzilla working on dreamhost?

Peter Kellner

I’d recommend that you check your error log and see what file it’s looking for, then work backwards from there. Don’t worry too much though, Bugzilla is a real pain in the backside to install correctly the first time.

Where is the errorlog? I get output from ./checksetup.pl but I don’t see an error log being created. Are there any other bug trackers that are easier to install?

Peter Kellner

as long as checksetup.pl isn’t outputting the errors, you should be allright in that regard. a 404 error has to do with the webserver. On dreamhost, they’re located at ~/logs/sitename/http/error.log