Buddy gave me DH hosting, can't connect my URL to it

My Buddy hooked me up with some hosting from DH, my address is hosted on DH, but when I log into my URL. www.bigsmokebrewing.com the manage domains sections doesn’t seem to let me input the numbers.

any suggestions?

At that URL I see the dreamhost coming soon page. What are you trying to do exactly?

my friend gave me some hosting space, and I want my bigsmoke domain to connect to it. point my domain to the hosting space.
I cant change the DNS settings for my domain name to update the DNS numbers he gave me.

Well it does appear your domain is pointing to dreamhost…

Actually, I just looked and it’s registered at dreamhost as well. Is it registered on his account? or a second account?

I would imagine it is… I have my ftp user name and password for big smoke, he gave me the DNS numbers to put towards my domain.

Use your domain name as hostname for FTP, you don’t need to be using an IP address for anything right now.

Its not letting me setup my email for bigsmokebrewing.com will I get “hosting”

If he gave you Panel access and you can’t access the email functions then you’ll need to ask him to hook you up with email privs.

Besides what SXI said, your requests aren’t very easy to figure out. We jumped from one perceived thing, to a different issue altogether. Please explain as much as possible what you are trying to do exactly where, so that we can help you.

Sorry I’ll start again… So I purchased my domain name, my web address www.bigsmokebrewing.com without a hosting plan, just the name. My buddy started me a hosting account through his DH account. He supplied me with the numbers to input:


But I cant seem to be able to edit these dreamhost nameserver addresses with the ip numbers. mine just looks like this.


Nothing will let me add the IP address. Manage domains menu doesn’t seem to be the spot to do this.

my registered address and the hosting he gave me need to be friends so I can start on my website. I have my FTP into he created for me. I just cant seem to link the two… and its probably something super easy and obvious, but I just can see it for some reason.

hopefully that helps.

The problem that you’re having is not that you need to enter those IP addresses after the nameserver names (you don’t).

The problem you are having is that you have “registered” your domain name on one dreamhost account and are trying to host it on another dreamhost account.

If I check your domain using a 3rd party whois such has http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?domain=bigsmokebrewing.com you will see the nameservers are already set to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com, ns3.dreamhost.com

What you are trying to do would actually work if you were using a different registrar (other than dreamhost) for your domain registration to host on your friends account (a dreamhost). What you are running into however is the protection dreamhost provides to prevent one customer from using (abusing) another customers domain.

Well its weird because he has a little hosting business with dreamhost and he has over 40 accounts that he hosts and most of them have their names registered on DH. He said its weird that Im having issues.

I sent in a ticket… see what they have to say.

Hey hey!

Someone from our team actually just emailed you a few minutes ago with instructions! If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to his email. Thanks! :slight_smile: