Bucket bandwidth limit



Is it possible to set bandwidth limit to the bucket or object?
Or to get it’s bandwidth info via some api call?
What if somebody will use my file located on dreamhots object in his high loaded website. I want to limit bandwidth usage for such cases.
Please let me know how it is possible to do this.


This is a really interesting idea, but right now we don’t have any way to limit bandwidth usage.

You can see bandwidth and storage usage in the Usage Reports tab in the panel. It isn’t fine-grained enough to see individual object bandwidth though.

We are introducing usage notifications in the panel soon. This feature will allow you to create notifications when your account reaches configurable levels of bandwidth, storage or dollar amounts.

We’ll do some thinking on this and look at adding something along these lines in a future release.


Is there any possibility to access bucket usage log via some api call?

For example on amazon s3 I can see full logs for all requests:


Not currently. This is a beta feature right now on S3 and we don’t support it right now.