Browsing using T-mobile's sidekick 2 phone

I am trying to access my main site, but I only get a few unrecognizable characters. I put a index.html file, and it looks fine from the web browser, but from my phone it doesn’t work. If I type in the address of another subdirectory of my site, I can see it fine on my phone, but front page still doesn’t come up in the phone. Anyone know why this is?

it may be there. I seem to have a similar problem on my blackberry (and am wondering when dreamhost will make there web admin panel pda friendly.)

Did you scroll to see if there might just be some whitespace there? Or put up your site addy and we can look at it…

I just fixed it a couple minutes ago. I don’t know what the problem was, but I just copied the file from an index.php that’s working and overwrote my main toplevel index.php and it worked. So I edited it back to how the topelevel was supposed to be and everythings fine.