Browser timeout ?!

Hello everyone, i’m running this website were I let users upload some zip files up to 30MB with pictures inside it.

The steps are:

  • Upload
  • Unpack
  • Resize Images,and so on…
  • Remove unpack dir and files

Well the upload goes ok, but the problem is when he is unpacking and resizing the image, after some time the web browsers just gives up, and the php process hangs leaving some photos to be processed.

I notice that if I have a small upload like 10MB file everything goes ok, but near de 20MB it fails, not the upload but the processing images script.

I’ve read a lot of topics around here and this is what I’ve:

  • PHP-cgi
  • all of the max_post, max_uploads,etc… are way over the default limit.

So i’m guessing…could it be the browser just gives up after some time ? How can I prevent this from happening ?


It could be the persistent process killer.

Why upload zipped files instead of individual pictures? That may create longer processes.

You could re-write to launch picture resizing processes one-at-a-time too.

If it fits in your script, you could try using “nice”.
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Does the (big 30MB) job run from the command line? Alternatively, does the job actually complete but the browser time out or does the job itself not complete?

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