Browser could not find my domain

Hey all!

About 2 weeks ago I hosted my site ( with full hosting, and registered the domain with Dreamhost as well (previously with GoDaddy).

I am still getting the same “Oops! Google Chrome could not find” message when going to my website. (Have never gotten my page to show up)

I have done the following:
[]Went to my hosting settings, changed nothing, and clicked ‘Change Settings’
]Refreshed the dns info for my site (only allowed once per 12 hours)

Any ideas what I may be doing wrong? I have waited a week since changing any of those settings.

Cheers and thanks in advance to any and all helpers!!


Registration details look good, so I’d guess that your hosting is not set up correctly. Try cancelling the hosting in the panel (backup if you have anything valuable), then set it up again. It doesn’t seem like DH’s nameservers are recognising your domain.

Thanks for the reply! I see two options under my Web Hosting column in my panel: Edit and Remove. When I click remove it says “Are you sure you want to immediately disable”

Just want to verify before I do this that I wont be charged any additional money ; )

Thanks again, bobocat.

No you won’t be charged for that, or for putting it back.

Thank you both. I have removed the hosting (so it said “DNS Only” for my hosting) then I attached ‘Full Hosting’ to the domain. It notified me that I may have to wait for the DNS to propogate. Noted.

I will be in touch regarding whether or not this fixed my issue. Again, thanks to both of you!

-Dreamhost noob Geoff

Your site is up for me. =]

Wow didn’t think anyone would see it before I did. It’s up for me too, however primitive it may be at the moment.

Thank you all for your help, LakeRat & bobocat!

-Still a DH noob Geoff

I am having the same issue my domain is

Your domain is up for me. Looks like you’re just waiting on propagation

ok here is the derpy question…whats propagation? I am so totally a rookie at this stuff

ahh wait nevermind i figured that part out lol

For someone wondering, it’s the time it takes for all the servers in the world to know where your domain lives :slight_smile: It’s like it’s updating your address in ever directory in the world. Usually it’s quick, but it can take up to 72 hours.

OP waited 7 days (quotes “about 2 weeks”) before resorting to gain help from regular users to get his website to actually be available in said directory.

What’s up with that?

I didn’t see if while it was down, so I don’t know what it looked like before. I DO see a notice that on the 25th we emailed and said domain transfer failed because the domain was less than 60 days old, so at a guess, it was still over at the old registrar.