Browser can't find my new Wordpress install



I’ve probably made 200+ Wordpress installs on Dreamhost, and this is the first time I’ve run into this. Anyone have any suggestions?

Earlier today I created a new subdomain. Some time after that, I created a 1-click Wordpress install there.

I got the email from Dreamhost saying that the Wordpress install was successful and now I need to go to to create an admin and finish the set-up. However, when I click that URL – or type it into my browser – I get a browser message saying that it cannot be found.

I have tried pasting the URL into both Chrome and Firefox, with the same results in both. I have also tried navigating to the base URL: My browsers still can’t find it.

I FTPed into the site and all the normal Wordpress files seem to be there.

Any idea why I can’t get into my site? Is it possible that since I created the subdomain just today, it hasn’t yet “propagated” (if that’s the right word) across the Internet? And would that even matter?



That could be it. I have had that happen to me. I usually give any new sub-domain 24 hours here before I try to do anything with it.


I guess I have lucked out in the past. Seems I could add a domain (or subdomain) in Dreamhost, then almost immediately put Wordpress on it and have it all worke. This time it has been about 4 hours since I started, and it’s still not working.

It does occur to me that this is probably not about Wordpress at all. The subdomain itself should be findable, whether or not I have any files there, Wordpress or otherwise. So on reflection I’m guessing it’s just that the subdomain isn’t seen yet by the Internet.[hr]
My site has appeared.

I am at peace.