Brought my site down by mistake


Last night I wanted to see if I could figure out how to get my site transfered to a new host with out contacting dreamhost. I know they’re not th speediest about getting back to people. So I stupidly went into the DNs settings area and hit a button at the bottom of the page. So now I haven’t been able to move it to a new host. Oh and I brought down my business site with no help in sight. I really at least want to get it back up so I don’t loose money. Can anyone help me with what I might have done and how I can fix it.[hr]
DNS Only
(Use DreamHost’s DNS servers, but host the site elsewhere.)
Note that this will only work if DreamHost’s DNS servers are actually in use for the domain. If your domain is registered outside DreamHost, you will need to make sure that the nameservers are set to:
Domain to host DNS for:
Then it says already activated that’s what I did that messed things up.


Go back to that page, fill out the top section of the page (“Fully Hosted”), and click the button at the top of that section (“Fully host this domain”). So long as you set the domain to use the same user and path as it was previously using, your site will come back up.