Broken link 404. + HTTPS Mixed content

I have 2 issues and i would appreciate any answer and help,thanks.

Issue 1: I have broken link which doesn’t exist in my site. Picture:
(Note that i don’t have file with name share.js in the specific location )

Issue 2: I have HTTPS mixed content.
HTTPS mixed content found.
http://localhost/netpen/member.php on
Picture of the situation:

How to fix the issues?

Both issue seem to be related to the MyBB NetPen theme, correct? Possibly the author or other MyBB users would have definitive answers. I’ve never used MyBB, but I’ll make an educated guess:

Assuming both problems are just typos, I think you could fix them by modifying Netpen-theme.xml, to remove the script element for share.js and replace http://localhost/netpen with {$mybb->settings['bburl']}.

Out of curiosity, what tool are you using to check your sites security?

Thanks very much for your answer and help ,it worked!
Very helpful answer.

I using:
Sucuri SiteCheck - Free Website Security Check & Malware Scanner

ImmuniWeb® | Application Penetration Testing, Dark Web and Attack Surface Monitoring

Thanks again.

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