Broken images from dreamweaver

Hey guys,

I run a kind of ongoing inspiration board online that is just a whole bunch of images set to a soundtrack. I am trying to put up a new page and for some reason half of the images are showing up as broken:

I always just build the site in an empty dreamweaver cs5 canvas, dump all of the images, and then just upload them into their own numbered folder onto the server.

in the past I have had broken images if the image title has strange symbols or weird formatting, but this isnt the case this time.

I dont know what could be going wrong. Anyone know?
haha, my web developer friend just fixed it remotely for me. this is what he said in our g-chat convo:

Your permissions were fucked up
so I set them all to be world readable
that’s what “find _images/ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} ;” does

I hope that helps anyone with this issue!