Broken images and stylesheet on rails app

I’m deploying my first rails app. After following the
directions (, the site is running, but the images and stylesheets aren’t being called out properly. Any ideas why?

The images are still in the Rails directories ‘public/images’ and ‘public/
The web directory is set up to point to the ‘public directory’. After doing a view source, the html points to ‘/images/’ and the style to ‘/stylesheets/’, which should work.

If anyone has any insight it would be great.


I’m getting the exact same behavior. Have you found any solution for that already???


I’m complete newbie in RoR/Dreamhost world, but I did something which worked for me. Initially when I edited .htaccess file to enable fcgi I uncommented example rewrite rule line which was enabling fcgi - in the script it was before line RewriteEngine on. When I moved RewriteRule to after RewriteEngine on images started to appear :slight_smile: