Broke website trying to switch domains, can't log in to wordpress

I recently tried to move my Wordpress website from to Both domains are hosted by DreamHost.

I followed the advice given in this forum post ( and the website now loads at

However it looks awful and I can’t seem to log in to the wordpress dashboard now (at either or to fiddle around and try to fix things.

Thoughts anyone? Step by step advice would be great.

It looks like you have a caching plugin that is interfering. When the post you followed was written (date) that wasn’t really much of an issue, times have changed. To get in to your wordpress admin, you can disable plugins by renaming or deleting their directory(folder) via ftp/sftp/ssh etc.

Can you also double check permissions?

Thanks for the replies. I will go and see if I can find the relevant plugin files.

Would the ability to log in to wordpress be linked to this too? Or is that a separate issue?


Yes that seems to work. I logged in with FileZilla, deleted the wp-super-cache folder and the website was restored to something approximating normal. I needed to reset the password to log in to wordpress but that all seems to be working fine now.

On a somewhat related note, will switching the domain name folders around cause any trouble in managing domains in Dreamhost? When I go to it says something like “” is almost here. Will I always have to remember that I switched them around?

What is your intent? One thing you could do is redirect the other domain to that one.

If we know what you want to do with the domain we could give better advice.

I don’t actually want to do anything with the old domain, I will just retire it though I still have the domain for almost a year.

You could just simply delete hosting from it on the manage domains page in the panel. Then to cleanup, you might want to delete it’s entire folder on the server. Deleting hosting won’t delete the files on the server, now or when the domain expires, they will just simply live there until deleted manually.

LakeRat’s advice is spot on. You can delete the old one … BUT. You need to make sure you’ve got everything over to first in more ways than just the files :slight_smile: I did a double check for you and saw some gotchas.

In your wp-config.php you had this:

That’s the trouble with cache plugins. They don’t move well :confused: Since the caching plugin wp-super-cache was removed, I removed those lines from your config file.

I also noted your SQL DB points to and you’re using the DB for ideasinpolitics

This isn’t bad, but when goes away, things may break.

Go to and add in as an SQL database. Once that’s added, you can change your wp-config.php to point to that and safely remove the hosting for

The DB name being ideasinpolitics is actually okay :slight_smile: It’s just the SQL server name (aka DB_HOST) that’s a problem.

Thanks Lakerat and Ipstenu-DH.

Ipstenu-DH, I’m not sure that I completely understand your directions. Do I add a new SQL database called or do I change the name of the old database called ideasinpolitics_com?

Also, how do I change the wp-config.php to point to

Add a new SQL host called (sorry, not DB, brain fart on my end)

Once that’s done and working, you can update your wp-config.php to use that. And to do THAT, you just edit the file in a text editor.

Ok, I think I’ve done that right. I just changed the SQL Host and nothing else in the wp-config.php file. Thanks for your help.