Bringing it all home

I know that I have asked about this before… But I am READY to do it now.

I bought my domain from DH back in 16 and I am wanting to bring my email home back to dreamhost because I am tired of paying 20.00 a year for email hosting when I could be paying 1 company for all of my needs.

I am needing to know what kind of plan would I need:

I have 1 main email address ( so I only need 1 fully hosted inbox)

then I have some alias’s that I COULD consolidate down to just

Like,,, etc.

Or does DH allow alias’s that I can send mail from like I can with my 20.00 a year provider?

So what kind of plan would I need for email with DH?


No, DH don’t facilitate mail Aliases – just “Forward-Only” – so you would only be be able to reply from your main Chris@ account. If you don’t have to reply to any emails sent to those forwarders then that might be sufficient.

A single email account at DH will still cost you $20 per year (if you pay a year in advance) anyway.

From DreamHost sales page:

All of DreamHost’s web hosting plans except for Shared Starter, DreamCompute, and DreamObjects include email hosting.

To facilitate sending of email from your extra addresses the cheapest options would be to purchase either a “Shared Unlimited” (12.99/month) or “VPS” (13.75/month) hosting plan.

Oops… @sXi, I logged into my account at and ordered the 1 email address for 1.99 a month and then did the tedious job of going to EVERY website that I am on and changing everything to

Also, I noticed something… I have spam filtering enabled for the whole domain, but there’s no spam folder that I can drop junk emails in when I get a spam email inside of webmail since I am a " old skool" POP3 user.

Screenshot at 2021-10-05 10-34-50


Just an update @sXi :

I logged into webmail


and the only options I had were:

No option of a spam folder at all.

That’s weird. I’m sure I had a Junk/Spam folder for mail accounts last time I used DH webmail. Although I had connected to all accounts using IMAP so perhaps my mail client pushed a Spam folder upstream?

One of the regulars here might be able to check an active webmail to compare.

@keyplyr @habilis


Whats weird is I finally got my phone to work using the Bluemail app using IMAP on my phone and POP on my pc and there’s still not a SPAM folder.

The only thing I can imagine is that because this is a brand new account a Spam folder might not be created until it actually receives some spam after which the filter system then creates a folder for it.

I figured it out @sXi

I had to set up my account in Evolution as a IMAP account and then it created the JUNK / Spam folder ( I wanna say it says SPAM).

I MIGHT of said this before but I doubt it because I just read through all 3 of my post’s to make sure that I hadn’t said this before:

But I see that IMAP has a limitation on the folders. So thats why I have decided to stick with POP3.

I read that once a folder ( any folder) hits a certain percentage that you will start getting IMAP TIMED OUT error messages. I wonder why DH hasn’t figured out a solution for this problem yet?

POP3 is shit unless you want a permanent record of everything “forever”.

IMAP gives you more control (sync).

unless you want a permanent record of everything “forever”.

Exactly what I want. I have one computer running Thunderbird POP with “leave on server”, and everything else uses IMAP. I’d love to lose the POP headaches, but I need to maintain my own archive. Unfortunately, right now, I’ve been getting thousands of duplicates a day for a couple weeks. DH status says they’re having email sync issues, but that they’ve finally identified the cause, so maybe that will fix itself.

^^ I agree with @nottooloud… I keep everything! lol

Storing emails may have GDPR implications.

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But, I live outside of the EU, so these rules prob don’t apply to me.