Bringing hosting BACK to Dreamhost without messing up Google Apps

Hi all,

A while back I decided to try out a different, “all-in-one” hosting/CMS provider. I moved my site there by doing the following:

  1. changing my DH hosting to “DNS Only”
  2. creating an A record per the new host’s instructions

This preserved the Google apps DNS records that I’m using (mail and calendar) as well as their subdomain redirects (i.e., and

After nearly a year there I’ve decided I want to come back to DH. I’ve figured out how to bring the content back over, but I’d really like to ensure that I don’t screw up my Google Apps configuration.

I believe that what I need to do is change my DH hosting back to “Fully Hosted” WITHOUT adding Google Hosted services, and then just port my content over. Am I correct?

Thanks in advance!


If nobody has a better response, here’s my take:
Google Apps only consists of entries to your DNS records (first timers have to run over to Google and complete the setup). What you do here doesn’t wipe out what you set up over at Google. If you want to restore what you had before, set it up like you did before: Fully Hosted with the Google Apps enabled.

And to make yourself feel better, take a screenshot of your current DNS records that include the Google Apps entries.