Bringing Domain Names Over


I have a newbie question. I reserved my domain names with godaddy. I am obviously using DH to host my account. How do I get the dream host server to recognize that I have more than one domain name. I have entered the DH servers on my domain names over at GD already. Eventually I intend to forward them all to the Master Domain name I intend to use for my business. After getting the names on this system how do I then forward them to my main domain name? Any assistance would be greatly appriciated.


After reading another post. I already know I need to use cloaking to forward my other domains. SO my question is simply how do I get them over. I cant move them yet because I havent had them for 60 days yet.


Are you asking how to set up forwarding for your ancilliary domains or are you asking how to set up the hosting for your main domain?

In order to set up any kind of hosting or forwarding at all, you need to go to “Domains>Manage Domains” in the panel and click on the “Add New Domain / Sub-Domain”. This will take you to a screen where you can add hosting or forwarding for your domain.

That plus setting up the nameservers entry at GoDaddy should be all you need to do to get started.

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You are right about adding a domain. I have been there I just dont understand how to use that page without messing something up.


Ah Err. That was pretty lame. I just didnt see the first field at the top of the form. Thanks for the help…


Yay! I’m glad you’re on the right track now. Let us know if you have any other questions. We’re only too happy to help.

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I was in similar situaion at Lunarpages. I just started hosting with them and had domains hosted along with 2 domains registered.

You can host at one company and leave the domain registrations at another. All that is required is proper Name Server pointing ( eg ) (there are 3 BTW)

One other misconception I had, and tech support here at DreamHost cleared this up for me, is that I can host a domain here EVEN THROUGH IT IS REGISTERED AT ANOTHER HOST/COMANY, and all I have to do is wait for the 60 days “BEFORE” I do a domain name transfer. Right now, there is nothing hosted at Lunarpages, and they only have the registration of the one domain and the renewal of my wife’s domain. I have to wait 60 days to transfer the domain registration (NOT HOSTING) to another company. I have used ipowerweb for domain registrations, as they are fairly cheep, but I have control on Name Servers changes, Domain Locking, Contact information, etc etc. And, since most of the other domains are there, I will simply wait for the 60 days and do a domain transfer over to them. Then go in and make sure the name server pointing is at dreamhost, and not at ipowerweb.

Billing at iPowerWeb told me it is very common for one to host at one company, yet have their domains registered at another company. Both LP and ipowerweb use tuwcows, Inc for the domain registrar, with one difference. with ipowerweb I can go in and enable/diable the lock on the domain. Not so with Lunarpages. I have to conatct tech support to have them disable the locks on the 2 domains I have registerd there. That will soon change S

Hope this bit of info helps. Welcome to DreamHost!

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