Bring back API to the Web Panel

Some time ago the Web Panel API was removed from the top level menus. No big deal because you could still search. However, the page is now gone even from the panel’s search results.

My suggestion is to make the API visible once again.
[]Add API under the Goodies menu
]Add API back to the Web Panel search results

+1 for this. I didn’t realize they had removed it.

The documentation seems to still be around.

We definitely need an API. A prime example is the horrendous mailboxes interfaces. We would love to integrate mailbox configuration into both Roundcube and our homegrown app, without the user having to see mailboxes.

yeah, itd be nice to have the API panel back, especially in light of this new limited panel. the API commands are more important now than ever, as they are the easiest way to get a more powerful interaction. im sure if it was back, people would update all the API programs and maybe even make new ones. ugh. i dont like the trend of less and less functionality.

It’s still there, it’s just not linked from the main menu.