Bricked my site with Security Certificate issues

Hello all

I’m not super familiar with coding and such but have managed to get a website up and running with WordPress hosted with Dreamhost. The url is and is for a webcomic I will host soon.
Recently I was looking into getting the site a security certificate or whatever (https) and was pretty sure I successfully set up one via Dreamhost’s resources. However I thought it was odd that when i went to it still sent me to and not I was able to open up a separate no problem when I typed it in manually, so it was almost like there were two different sites in a way.

This didn’t seem like a big deal to me though at the time so I used the https one as my main way to access the site as I did not see a downside. Soon though, I logged back into admin via the https ‘side’ and noticed the http one was not logged in concurrently. I logged out and logged into the http and noticed that also the https was not logged in either. Then I made the mistake of logging into both at once. The admin portion of the site was then effectively bricked and I couldn’t access it.

Thinking that the ‘two’ admin accounts were somehow conflicting, I made the possibly not-so-wise descision to disable the security certificate on Dreamhost, thinking it would disable the https side of the site and keep the http side up - perhaps letting me login to that side if the discrepancy disappeared. However this seemed to brick the whole site from Dreamhost’s side of things. Since the site was erroring out when I tried to access it, I opted for restoring it via Dreamhost to a copy ~1 day ago. This did nothing. FTP access to the site is down as well. That is where I am right now. Any help would be appreciated.

I do have backups of my site data that is in sql format but I am not knowledgeable enough to know how to really restore it via SSH or anything. I would really rather not have to bother completely having to restore my site from scratch because I logged in ‘wrong’, that’s ridiculous.

Thanks for your time

You cannot brick a site by changing HTTP to HTTPS or logging into the admin twice. So not sure what caused your problems. However you site seems to be working now.

I seem to have fixed the site via some backups and stuff. I’m still not sure why it bugged out in the first place, I swear the only thing I did was log in two separate areas and it flipped out. I can’t think of doing anything else.

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