I hope there is someone here who might be able to help me resolve an ongoing problem I have had with a site hosted through Dreamhost.

For almost a month now it is taking 30-40 secs between page loads for me from my home TWC Roadrunner. I have done everything possible on my end to resolve this problem. And this includes speaking to TWC Level 2 techs. I can load this forum up at work and using a free proxy here at home to make it run normally. Find having to use a proxy to hide my IP very annoying. It makes me think my IP is being intentionally blocked/slowed.

I have tried working with the person who is hosting the forum (via Dreamhost) and he was not able to help. Or I think didn’t want to help.

Would be happy if a admin or even Dreamhost tech support rep would PM me so I may get resolution to this problem. I’d be glad to provide Tracert and other information.

Thank you,


I really would like to get resolution. If someone here can help me then I can relay this information to the site admin.


I’ve never been to that website and it took 3-4 seconds for each page to load for me. Whoever runs the forum probably didn’t want to help you because he can’t and it would be a waste of time for him to try. It doesn’t have anything to do with his end. I think your ISP may be your only hope. Is any other website experiencing similar issues? Have you tried using a different router?

Are you talking page loads or individual requests to the DreamHost server?

Hitting the forum home page using Firefox I got 20 requests at 453.9KB in 6.92 seconds, with a couple to doubleclick servers blocked by myself, from a residential connection. 10 requests were not to * at all, so you may want to use the Firefox Developer Tools Network panel to look at the timing for each request. For example the ones to Google servers took more than a second each. The initial request for the forum HTML document only took 2.26 seconds.

I am referring to page loads. The site was originally hosted at However, the new admin has decided to route that directly to instead. TWC in September dynamically assigned me a IP address that worked; In June of this year they acquired blocks - These new addresses refuse to load up the site without delays. I first received one of these new addresses at the end of July. Other than from 9/9/14 - 10/4/14 I have been stuck with the new addresses.

I have since contacted TWC Tier 3 tech support. I gave them the forum address and they saw no delays on their end. Doh… When I inquired about the new IP blocks they claimed there was nothing wrong with them. The admin that is using dreamhost to host this forum said my ip address had nothing to do with it and that it was security related. Odd… If the site would load normally with existing TWC Wisconsin ip addresses and others not related to the new IP blocks why then would he tell me he is not blaming the IP address?

Me thinks these IP addresses are being blacklisted by this admin and he is purposely slowing my surfing down with his security settings.

As I am not a developer, I’d appreciate some simple instructions on how to proceed with looking at the time requests with my Firefox.

Oh and please note - I am not using a router… It’s a cablemodem connected directly to my PC. I go through a DHCP gateway address. And let me tell you when I tracert this to the forum I get a 5 second delay for the gateway address to even showup. That is a problem right there in itself.

Thanks for your reply.

[quote=“Badgerfan68, post:5, topic:61885”]
As I am not a developer, I’d appreciate some simple instructions on how to proceed with looking at the time requests with my Firefox.[/quote]

Click the Menu icon, then the Developer icon, then choose “Network” or just press Ctrl-Shift-Q

Have you tired using a different DNS server, like Google’s at ?


Thanks. I ran the tool and it took almost a minute to load the page completely. Seems to be holding up just trying to resolve the main site name.

I already have alternative DNS addresses and that didn’t solve the problem. Why would my DHCP Gateway assigned IP address hesitate on the first step of the tracert? I never see any issues loading other pages, just the forum. And as I understand it the only way to get a new gateway/ip address is to spoof the MAC address of my modem. I did this and I was given another IP address in the range. So that solved nothing.

What options does the admin for the forum have for creating a bottleneck with his security settings? He mentioned something to me about Grapeshot. And while we were doing some testing on a dummy site he setup to try and find the problem there was one time it actually worked. He never told me what he did and immediately closed the door again.


You’re not being specific enough to be of much more help.

It sounds like you are describing DNS resolution, which has more to do with the DNS servers you are using, but usually that information is cached locally while still visiting a site. But then again you are not providing the numbers for the various things the “Network” panel tracks in the “Timings” subpanel for each request.

The first thing tracert does when providing a name instead of an address is to lookup the address, so if you are seeing a delay before it starts listing hops, DNS resolution is slow, and there are problems from time to time with ISP DNS servers.

Hello again!

A few days ago I was given a IP address not in the - range. Now forum loads up instantly.

I noted you think the tracert issues may be related to DNS resolution. Well with my new IP address when I run a tracert to it automatically pops my DHCP gateway address in and the milliseconds to load the hop are drastically faster.

I am sticking by my stance that it is the new IP blocks. This is definitely my ISP with the problem. The problem for me is how to convince them to do something about it when I already failed?

Atropos7 many thanks for providing feedback.