Brand New to this; what to do first

Hi there,
I have just gotten a dreamhost account (last week) and am having a terrible time maneuvering around in it. What’s the first thing I should do? I tried to set up database and that worked but I just got my domain name from Go Daddy and it won’t transfer for 60 days. So I got a domain name through dreamhost and tried to delete the original domain database (SQL?) so I could set up the SQL I got through dreamhost. But MySQL to set up data base won’t let me put another domain in. I’m waiting for a reply from customer support but it’s been a couple of hours.
Then when and how do I import my theme that l bought from Theme Forest? Help!!! Thanks

You should be able to change the name servers on you go daddy domain without the waiting period for a domain transfer.

Did you add a new hostname before trying to add the new database?

When you do a one click install for you web app don’t pick ‘simple’ if you plan on installing an external theme.

I like the domain name I registered w/ dreamhost better so that’s a moot point. It’s not letting me change host name. I want to change my original MySQL host name to the new domain and it won’t let me make a change.

Just add a new hostname and use it. In most cases all your hostnames can be used interchangeably.

the exception would be some older accounts have databases on more than one database server, in that case you need to be careful to add it to the correct section in the panel, but if your a new customer you will not need to worry about this, I only mention in case someone finds this thread via search sometime.

Hey LakeRat,
I see in manage domains that this is probably where I get started. It has my DreamHost domain on it already. Do I also set upmy domain w/ Google. There’s an option to “Fully Host w/ Google.” I thought DreamHost was my host. Thank you.