Brand new at website design and very nervous

I have built a website for an organization that depends of cheap (free) help. I would like to add one-click applications for photo gallery and a web calendar, but am a bit nervouse that it will replace my index.html file as the websites home page.

Am I worried over nothing? and if so, how do I go about insuring I do not mess this up?

Thanks for any help.

Yes! And there’s nothing you need to do, really — the One-Click Installer will refuse to mess anything up by installing into a directory that already contains files. Just make sure to install to a subdirectory, and it should work fine.

As a side note, you can back up all the files before you do any tinkering around. I would advise this just in case, you can always upload the files again if something is out of whack. But from what I see, you should have anything out of whack. It’s just good practice and better to be safe that way. Don’t worry, web design isn’t hard as long as you are smart about it.