Bounce spam messages

The volume of spam I’m getting seems to be increasing every day. I have an extensive email white list and those spamgrams are being caught and sent to my caughtspam folder. However, what I would like to do is have a message that’s identified as spam rejected as undeliverable and bounced back to the sender.

Is there any way to configure email to do this?

No. The vast majority of spam email is sent from completely fake email addresses — trying to return them to the sender is futile.

That’s what I was afraid of but I figured I’d ask.


Rather than sending a bounce message after the message has already been received, why can’t we tell the DreamHost mail server to reject messages (i.e., with a 550 code, per RFC 5321) before delivery is even attempted?

I’m getting persistently spammed by a few companies (, for example) who, as far as I can tell, aren’t forging their From headers or routing info. Instead of continuing to receive their messages indefinitely (even if they do just go into the bit bucket) I’d rather some attempt be made to reject them as undeliverable, as that might at least cause them enough inconvenience to remove me from their mailing list.