Bought the doman, how to get started with worpress

Hi all, please bear with my total ignorance of setting up websites. I bought a domain name and now want to start putting together some pages to upload. How do I go about doing that?

When I tried to do the one click wordpress install from dreamhost (aka new website software - easy mode) I had to choose a web address such as instead of the one I bought

Do I need to use a different software to construct and upload pages to a website?


Hope this throws some ideas

Sorry, maybe I’m being a bit thick but can’t find the answer there

I advise against using Easy Mode. The Advanced Mode is actually really easy, and much more flexible. To get going, here are the steps. Post back if you need help with any of them:

  1. Register a domain (which you’ve done)
  2. Use the panel for Manage Domains and set up a Fully Hosted Domain (
  3. Use the panel to One-Click install the Advanced mode WordPress into
  4. Wait for email instructions letting you know it’s done and how you can get started with using your WordPress