Bought a domain. What next?

I apologize for asking stupid questions, but this is the first website I’m setting up. My site currently lives at and I’ve bought a .kz domain name that I want to point to it. How do I do that? I’ve already pointed the domain to dreamhost DNS servers.

First of all you wil need to add the domain to dreamhost under manage domains in the panel, his may take a bit of time to be picked up if you only recently pointed the domain to dreamhost.

When you do this you may be able to just specify whatever folder the site is currently in instead of the default domain folder.

You should just then need to update settings.php.

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I did that on Friday but the domain still hasn’t showed up in “manage domains”. Should I just wait a bit longer or contact the support team?

When I registered a domain once I added it in manage domains it showed up straight away but took a while to actually become active.

Basically if you added it under manage domains it should show up straight away even if the domain isn’t with dreamhost.

When you click add new domain/subdomain and enter the details it should then add it to the list straight away. (Just tried and even putting in a fake domain shows straight away)

If this isn’t happening then it could be a problem you would need to contact support for.

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Thank you. I retried and this time it appeared. Will wait a couple of days to see if it works.